Hedler C-light units

Hedler C-light units

Tungsten halogen light

Compact, light-weighted and extremely powerful for their size they suit for all fields of the DigitalImaging.

With a plastic housing, forced air cooling and with the option to attach a wide range of original Hedler reflectors they are compact and transportable lighting tools, a perfect introduction into the large Hedler System.

Hedler C-light units - the introduction into professional studio lighting with a lot of further options.

Hedler H-light units

Hedler H-light units

Tungsten halogen light

Light-weighted, extremely robust, compact housings - they are real workhorses.

Easy to use and reliable, a large range of original reflectors can be attached - they are often used lighting tools, particularly used for film lighting.

Different light units, each designed for special tasks can be chosen, always with defined colour temperature at high CRI values. Ideal for a reliable production - even under more strict colour management terms.

Hedler D-light units

HEDLER D-light units

Day light

Continuous light with daylight quality - with into the housing integrated electronic ballast and highly efficient bulbs.

Besides that - no fan built-in! Perfect for DigitalVideo if original sound recording is a must. No fan, no fan caused noise, means less post-pro work - perfect!

With relatively cool light beam they suit even for closer lighting positions between the light unit and the object. This could be a real advantage - think of more heat-sensitive material!

Hedler F-light units

HEDLER F-light units

Flash light

Flash light units with high power and comfortable operation for your creative imaging ideas.

Fast recycling times, flash output power infinite adjustable for precise setting, with a reproducibility of ± 1 % and high colour temperature constancy for the demanding user.

Nearly all the original Hedler reflectors, softboxes and reflex umbrellas can be attached - therefore a wide variety of different lighting characteristics and moods can be produced. The perfect basis that helps to realize your creative ideas!